Soul Healing Therapy Certification Retreat

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“I absolutely cherish my time spent at the retreat. Shelly and Jordyn both created such a beautiful space for us to shift and grow. I left feeling transformed for the better.”
– Kymberly 

Gypsy Spirit Retreats is proud to present,
“Soul Healing Therapy Certification Retreat”!

February 15 – 18, 2019!

We are very excited to have Shelly Ann Szigli and Kymberly Sparks of Soul Healing Collective, bring to you a weekend of Level 1 and Level 2 Soul Healing Therapy!
During our weekend, we will do deep soul work, connect with each other, and learn how to perform and use Soul Healing Therapy as your very own healing  modality.

After our time together you will walk away feeling confident and clear about who you are & what your next step is. You will have powerful tools that will bring positive change to your relationships, your career & life in general, and you will leave this weekend with the knowledge and confidence to perform Soul Healing Therapy.

This transformational weekend will take place at the Folk Tree Lodge, located 5 minutes from Bragg Creek, Alberta. Folk Tree Lodge is nested in a beautiful and intimate natural setting with 30+ acres of nature for you to explore and enjoy. It is surrounded by a pristine forest with an abundance of natural beauty, wildlife and rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. They believe in maintaining a toxic free and eco-friendly environment. It is the perfect serene setting for transformation!



  • Soul Healing Therapy Level 1 and Level 2 course by Shelly Ann Szigli and Kymberly Sparks. (These courses alone are valued at $1,000!)
  • All meals provided by Yummi Yogisfrom Friday, Feb. 15 dinner to Monday, Feb. 18 lunch
  • Accomodations for February 15 – 18 at the Folk Tree Lodge
  • Yin Yoga and bonus activities in the evenings


  • An open mind and open heart!
  • Pillow, blanket, slippers or whatever will make you the most comfortable during meditations
  • Yoga mat, if you have blocks or yoga bolster/cushion please bring these as well


Transportation to/from the venue


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Soul Healing Therapy – Shelly Ann Szigli and Kymberly Sparks

Soul Healing Therapy is a modality created to connect all women of the earth to their highest calling on this particular journey.
Soul Healing Therapy uses principles of hypnotherapy, energetic healing and gifted symbology to activate the human mind, body, and spirit in a completely new way.

By receiving Soul Healing Therapy you will be connected in a clear and powerful way to your direct access line with God/Source. You will be fully integrated with your Higher Self/Soul and be given the opportunity to continuously strengthen all the different threads of self with our gifted symbols and elemental energies.

This modality was brought to the human plane by Shelly and Kymberly of Soul Healing Collective with one sole purpose, “To awaken all women of the earth to their gifts, their mission and their ability to access the healing powers that lie within their souls.”

It is Soul Healing Collective’s honour and privilege to bring this sacred elemental and other wordly gift to the earth as, Soul Healing Therapy.


Shelly is a Universal Energy Healer- 
a beacon of light whose mission is to bring women to a place where she can heal, expand & experience life from a place of wholeness!


In this course you will be exploring in great depth who you are on the physical plane, spiritual plan and emotional plane. You will experience healing in a way that you have never have before, connecting you back to the divine wisdom of your soul through deep meditation and processing. This course is about healing, releasing and about stepping into your soul’s power and magnificence.

Upon completing this course you will ultimately:

  • Feel spiritually connected and powerful in your everyday life
  • Have a good understanding of who you are and what your spiritual gifts are
  • Have the ability to find peace and clarity moving forward in
    your life
  • Create stability and direction in relationships, family, work etc.



Want to serve the clients that are looking for the unique type of healing that you have to offer?

This level 2 course is for those healers that are ready to take their skill set to a whole new level – for those that want lasting results and set the stage to take our clients further into healing and expansion with each session. During this course you will learn powerful effective techniques that will produce lasting healing results to your clients all while being in alignment to your own god given gifts. You will learn how to effectively work with the conscious mind, subconscious mind and energy centres of your clients with a modality that is designed to take our clients deeper each session they have.

Please check out the Soul Healing Collective website for more information about Shelly Ann Szigli, Kymberly Sparks and detailed information about their offerings!

“Shelly’s work and her ability to not only use, but share Soul Healing with others, is one of the greatest “heart” healers I have found to help in grief work. Her willingness to share her modality with others makes it far reaching and affirms that her intentions are pure and come from only the highest realm.” – Catherine


Need more convincing? Check out our testimonial page of our past retreats HERE!