Why Women’s Retreats Are So Important!

Why Women’s Retreats Are So Important!
Here are my top 3 reasons why attending a women’s retreat is so important! And I mean a RETREAT, not just a workshop where you go for a day and head back home to your life. I mean escaping for a few days to a week just for yourself!
1. Self Care
When is the last time you’ve truly done something for yourself?
When is the last time you’ve put yourself first, before your family, kids, friends, work?
When is the last time you’ve taken a few days to disconnect? And I mean REALLY disconnect.

As women and mothers we always put everyone else first, especially when it comes to your children and family. Being able to spend a few days disconnected from everyday life and focusing on yourself allows you to fully relax and reset so you can return to your life and family happier, more open and clear minded!

Self care is huge right now! It can mean anything from eating better, hitting the gym, to spending an afternoon in the salon, getting a massage, or my favorite… a relaxing bath with a glass of wine! Although, these small things may help soothe some stress and make you feel good for a quick moment, it’s not long lasting. When you are able to remove yourself from your home and life and physically travel somewhere to attend a retreat, it allows you to fully reconnect with yourself so you can return home with an excitement to life!

2. Support 

At a wellness retreat you are surrounded by other like-minded women who are there for the same purpose! This makes it an amazing opportunity to establish new friendships and form a lifelong sisterhood! And of course, there are the amazing women who put on the retreat! We are here for YOU! We create and put on these retreats, not just because we love to travel, but because we have a passion in helping other women grow!

3. Improved Health
Women’s wellness retreats are designed to help educate and inspire you to return home with all the tools needed to get your life back on track! You will leave feeling rested, restored, refreshed, and EMPOWERED.
A study was conducted by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine which concluded that attending a week long wellness retreat “…lead to substantial improvements in multiple dimensions of health and well-being.” After attending a retreat you will leave with improved spirituality, gratitude, self love and lower anxiety.
Of course there are more reasons why you should attend a retreat, but I feel these 3 are the most powerful and top reasons! So, what’s holding you back?!